Friday, September 21, 2007

Writer's Showcase--A First

Here is a little bit of my latest piece:


August 15th, 2007
ONCE UPON A TIME…those were the first words I learned. It wasn’t the usual: goo-goo or gah-gah. I was different from all the other babies: Two beautiful, different-colored eyes, one, a sparkling blue, the other, a washed-out gray. My parents named me Deziree because they thought the name was “unique”, and unlike anything else. (Pronunciation: Dez-erh-RAY) When I was born, I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry until I was seven months old. I was born at 12:00 sharp: midnight.
My parents didn’t tell me any of this information until I was seven, when I could “understand” it.
I’m only writing this dumb stuff because this is the first journal I’ve kept. I’m 15, and I haven’t even written a single letter in a journal that I could call my own.
I’m home-schooled--never had any friends in my life—except two: Jessica and Geinna. We were inseparable—until they both joined the cheerleading clique at school. I couldn’t join because the captain wouldn’t let someone with glasses on the team—thought I’d make them “look” bad. Who cares about looks? What do people have against glasses, anyway? Apparently everything.
But that was when I went to school. When my parents finally noticed that I had never invited a single soul over to our house for three years, they got suspicious—started home-schooling me…Uh, the laundry. G2g, bye!

“Deziree, could you put the darks into the dryer, please, and put the whites in the washer?” Mrs. Stevens asked her daughter.
“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll do it in a jiffy.” Dez said half-heartedly. When she was done, she headed up to her room to go on AIM and see if her cousin, Abby, was on. Abby was probably the closest thing to a friend that Dez had, though she lived on the other end of the world.
She scrolled down her buddy list, though she only had seven people on it—Mom, Dad, Abby, her sister: Isabel, her other sister: Kristine, and Grandma. Luckily, Abby was on. She clicked on her name and typed some messages.

DezzyBear108: hey abster ya on???

BigAbs167: hey dez. how u doing? anything major happened? i know that i haaaave 2 tell u something!!

DezzyBear108: WELLLLLLLLLLLL…so far living w/out u right next 2 me itz been prettttty harddd…hows Germany?

BigAbs167: hard. I havnt even gotten used 2 the language after a year!!! Peeps just come right up to me and say ‘ey chong joque totani???’

DezzyBear108: o. well interpretation, please! wut did u have 2 tell me???

BigAbs167: well u probly wont want 2 no….

DezzyBear108: oopss…thatz my mom calling me. g2g. have fun in germany! ☺ luvz! <3

BigAbs167: but dez! i need help! i found a cute dress thatz 1500 german greenbacks! exactly how am I going 2 get enough german $? i need help! please! dont log off! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Click! Dez clicked the ‘Sign Off’ button, scooted out of her chair, and opened up to the second page of her journal.

(Still) August 15th, 2007 (But at night)
I talked to Abby today.
Last day of home schooling is tomorrow.
I think this journal thing will work out for me. I’ll get a lot of time to myself, and I’ll be able to call SOMETHING my own.
G2g, bye!

Footsteps. That’s all that Dez heard, other than the twittering of the annoying bluebirds outside her window, the neighbor’s lawn mower (These were the neighbors that bought Abby’s house), and the screaming of Dez’s twin sisters, Isabel and Kristine. She stuffed her journal under her bed, clambered under the covers, and smiled at her mom as she walked in.
“Honey…um…” Mrs. Stevens started.
“Yes?” Dez replied.
“Well, please don’t get mad at me, but, your father is having hard times with his health right now.”
“He is...what’s the point, here?”
“No more home schooling.”
“Really? Are you sure? So, you mean that I don’t have school tomorrow? Yes! Thank you, Mom! I knew that you would think that I lived up to the expectations!” Dez trampled her mother in a giant bear hug.
“Honey, I mean, no more home schooling for the rest of your life.”

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