Saturday, September 15, 2007


What Kind of Person Are You? (Girls)

1. You're in a hurry. What shoes do you put on?
a. Pink heels w/ sequins
b. Regular flip-flops
c. Unties tennis-shoes

2. What would you want for your birthday?
a. a pink cell phone with jewels.
b. A book about animals
c. a sport ball

3. What do you usually wear?
a. pink skirt w/ a pink patterned shirt
b. Shorts & a T-Shirt
c. A jersey and stretchy shorts

4. How do you write your "i"?
a. Fancy w/ twirls on the ends
b. Regular
c. slanted in every which way

5. How organized is your desk at work/school?
a. Two straight stacks
b. In between
c. Like a garbage can

Now, add up your a's, b's, and c's. Which had the most? Scroll down to where it either says, "Mostly A," "Mostly B," or Mostly C." After that, scroll down to where the results are. Whatever you got on the FINAL 5 QUESTIONS, that is how you will grade yourself.

Mostly A

1. You're picked most organized. What should be your prize?
a. New school supplies
b. A blue ribbon
c. A pat on the back

2. You're at the mall. Which store first?
a. Limited Too
b. Children's Place
c. Sears

3. Which color of nail polish?
a. Hot pink
b. Aquamarine
c. Black

4. What type of dog?
a. Poodle
b. Havanese
c. I don't want a dog

5. Where are you most likely to be seen?
a. the mall
b. climbing a tree
c. At soccer practice

Mostly B

1. Which type of pencil?
a. I prefer purple pens
b. Mechanical
c. Regular

2. My favorite color is...
a. Pink
b. Green
c. White

3. What do you like to do?
a. Sleepovers
b. Tree Climbing
c. Surfing the Net

4. You're bored, and it's rainy outside. What do you do?
a. Chat w/ your best friend
b. Read a book
c. Watch a movie

5. Hair style?
a. Anything with accessories
b. Down
c. Ponytail

Mostly C

1. What do you do on the CPU?
a. AOL
b. Research
c. Play games

2. What type of movie do you like best?
a. Anything with pink!
b. Mysterious
c. Sci-Fi

3. It's breakfast on-the-go. What do you take?
a. brownie and banana
b. Cereal Box & Granola
c. Skip it--don't want to miss the bus!

4. How is your handwriting?
a. Fancy
b. Regular
c. Sloppy and slanted, but somehow neat

5. What would you wear for a nice field trip?
a. Your pink glittery gown
b. Goucho's with a patterned T-Shirt
c. Shorts and a T-Shirt


Mostly A's: It seems like you have to have everything perfect before you go. People attract to you by your popularity and funny personality.
Mostly B's: You are unique; you don't care what other people think, but you make yourself look good in a way. People love you for your quiet but outgoing personality, but most times you unexpectedly shout out.
Mostly C's: You don't care what other people think--Everything is on-the-go for you! You're a sporty and athletic girl. People love you for your kindness.
Mix: You have mixed feelings of EVERYTHING! Don't worry--It's good to stand out and be different!

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