Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Contest

The next contest is...

What is my full name? (Spelling counts!)

Send back to my email:

Friday, September 28, 2007

Clue #5

Here is the last clue:

I am tall and skinny,
Not short or plump,
Don't cut me down,
I'll land in a clump.

Put all the clues together to find out the answer!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Math Mystery...

The correct answer to the contest was... 104! I only got one answer. And that winner was!

He/She will get a prize. She didn't get it right, but she was the only one who sent back an answer! She will recieve a special gift!

x0x0 ~annabelle~

Monday, September 24, 2007

Clue #4!

Since no one has responded to the mystery, I'll give out another clue:

Clue #4:

Staying on all night,
is what I do best.
Therefore, I have an enemy,
The darkness; such a pest!

Keep looking for more clues!

It's a New Contest...

Hey, guys! It's Annabelle, and I have good news! I am adding a new contest! Please participate! ANYONE can participate! So, the contest is...


Send your answers to muah by sending to MY email:

Hope to get some good answers!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Writer's Showcase--A First

Here is a little bit of my latest piece:


August 15th, 2007
ONCE UPON A TIME…those were the first words I learned. It wasn’t the usual: goo-goo or gah-gah. I was different from all the other babies: Two beautiful, different-colored eyes, one, a sparkling blue, the other, a washed-out gray. My parents named me Deziree because they thought the name was “unique”, and unlike anything else. (Pronunciation: Dez-erh-RAY) When I was born, I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry until I was seven months old. I was born at 12:00 sharp: midnight.
My parents didn’t tell me any of this information until I was seven, when I could “understand” it.
I’m only writing this dumb stuff because this is the first journal I’ve kept. I’m 15, and I haven’t even written a single letter in a journal that I could call my own.
I’m home-schooled--never had any friends in my life—except two: Jessica and Geinna. We were inseparable—until they both joined the cheerleading clique at school. I couldn’t join because the captain wouldn’t let someone with glasses on the team—thought I’d make them “look” bad. Who cares about looks? What do people have against glasses, anyway? Apparently everything.
But that was when I went to school. When my parents finally noticed that I had never invited a single soul over to our house for three years, they got suspicious—started home-schooling me…Uh, the laundry. G2g, bye!

“Deziree, could you put the darks into the dryer, please, and put the whites in the washer?” Mrs. Stevens asked her daughter.
“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll do it in a jiffy.” Dez said half-heartedly. When she was done, she headed up to her room to go on AIM and see if her cousin, Abby, was on. Abby was probably the closest thing to a friend that Dez had, though she lived on the other end of the world.
She scrolled down her buddy list, though she only had seven people on it—Mom, Dad, Abby, her sister: Isabel, her other sister: Kristine, and Grandma. Luckily, Abby was on. She clicked on her name and typed some messages.

DezzyBear108: hey abster ya on???

BigAbs167: hey dez. how u doing? anything major happened? i know that i haaaave 2 tell u something!!

DezzyBear108: WELLLLLLLLLLLL…so far living w/out u right next 2 me itz been prettttty harddd…hows Germany?

BigAbs167: hard. I havnt even gotten used 2 the language after a year!!! Peeps just come right up to me and say ‘ey chong joque totani???’

DezzyBear108: o. well interpretation, please! wut did u have 2 tell me???

BigAbs167: well u probly wont want 2 no….

DezzyBear108: oopss…thatz my mom calling me. g2g. have fun in germany! ☺ luvz! <3

BigAbs167: but dez! i need help! i found a cute dress thatz 1500 german greenbacks! exactly how am I going 2 get enough german $? i need help! please! dont log off! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Click! Dez clicked the ‘Sign Off’ button, scooted out of her chair, and opened up to the second page of her journal.

(Still) August 15th, 2007 (But at night)
I talked to Abby today.
Last day of home schooling is tomorrow.
I think this journal thing will work out for me. I’ll get a lot of time to myself, and I’ll be able to call SOMETHING my own.
G2g, bye!

Footsteps. That’s all that Dez heard, other than the twittering of the annoying bluebirds outside her window, the neighbor’s lawn mower (These were the neighbors that bought Abby’s house), and the screaming of Dez’s twin sisters, Isabel and Kristine. She stuffed her journal under her bed, clambered under the covers, and smiled at her mom as she walked in.
“Honey…um…” Mrs. Stevens started.
“Yes?” Dez replied.
“Well, please don’t get mad at me, but, your father is having hard times with his health right now.”
“He is...what’s the point, here?”
“No more home schooling.”
“Really? Are you sure? So, you mean that I don’t have school tomorrow? Yes! Thank you, Mom! I knew that you would think that I lived up to the expectations!” Dez trampled her mother in a giant bear hug.
“Honey, I mean, no more home schooling for the rest of your life.”

Writer's Showcase

I am proud to introduce the first annual opening of...THE WRITER'S SHOWCASE!

In these posts, I will post my writing piece so far. After 5 writing pieces have been posted, we'll have a vote on which one is best. I'll post the date and email it to everyone I have on my email, so they will kno when they can vote. And...I have good news! I would like to state that the Writer's Showcase was made for all of YOU to post what you are writing. Now, just email me your writing and I'll post it on here. You will then get a little surprise. (If you're lucky!)

Another announcement...There is only one week more to send in your answers to the math probelm! So put on your thinking caps and start operating!

x0x0 Annabelle

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mystery Worries

I haven't gotten ANY reports for advice and such that are about the mystery that's going around, and if you need any help, EMAIL ME! I am open to everyone! (Unless I don't want them on the site!) So, I'mm looking forward to getting GREAT advice! Thnx! Bye for now!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


What Kind of Person Are You? (Girls)

1. You're in a hurry. What shoes do you put on?
a. Pink heels w/ sequins
b. Regular flip-flops
c. Unties tennis-shoes

2. What would you want for your birthday?
a. a pink cell phone with jewels.
b. A book about animals
c. a sport ball

3. What do you usually wear?
a. pink skirt w/ a pink patterned shirt
b. Shorts & a T-Shirt
c. A jersey and stretchy shorts

4. How do you write your "i"?
a. Fancy w/ twirls on the ends
b. Regular
c. slanted in every which way

5. How organized is your desk at work/school?
a. Two straight stacks
b. In between
c. Like a garbage can

Now, add up your a's, b's, and c's. Which had the most? Scroll down to where it either says, "Mostly A," "Mostly B," or Mostly C." After that, scroll down to where the results are. Whatever you got on the FINAL 5 QUESTIONS, that is how you will grade yourself.

Mostly A

1. You're picked most organized. What should be your prize?
a. New school supplies
b. A blue ribbon
c. A pat on the back

2. You're at the mall. Which store first?
a. Limited Too
b. Children's Place
c. Sears

3. Which color of nail polish?
a. Hot pink
b. Aquamarine
c. Black

4. What type of dog?
a. Poodle
b. Havanese
c. I don't want a dog

5. Where are you most likely to be seen?
a. the mall
b. climbing a tree
c. At soccer practice

Mostly B

1. Which type of pencil?
a. I prefer purple pens
b. Mechanical
c. Regular

2. My favorite color is...
a. Pink
b. Green
c. White

3. What do you like to do?
a. Sleepovers
b. Tree Climbing
c. Surfing the Net

4. You're bored, and it's rainy outside. What do you do?
a. Chat w/ your best friend
b. Read a book
c. Watch a movie

5. Hair style?
a. Anything with accessories
b. Down
c. Ponytail

Mostly C

1. What do you do on the CPU?
a. AOL
b. Research
c. Play games

2. What type of movie do you like best?
a. Anything with pink!
b. Mysterious
c. Sci-Fi

3. It's breakfast on-the-go. What do you take?
a. brownie and banana
b. Cereal Box & Granola
c. Skip it--don't want to miss the bus!

4. How is your handwriting?
a. Fancy
b. Regular
c. Sloppy and slanted, but somehow neat

5. What would you wear for a nice field trip?
a. Your pink glittery gown
b. Goucho's with a patterned T-Shirt
c. Shorts and a T-Shirt


Mostly A's: It seems like you have to have everything perfect before you go. People attract to you by your popularity and funny personality.
Mostly B's: You are unique; you don't care what other people think, but you make yourself look good in a way. People love you for your quiet but outgoing personality, but most times you unexpectedly shout out.
Mostly C's: You don't care what other people think--Everything is on-the-go for you! You're a sporty and athletic girl. People love you for your kindness.
Mix: You have mixed feelings of EVERYTHING! Don't worry--It's good to stand out and be different!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our new QUIZ Corner!

Good news! We have a new QUIZ CORNER coming to the site soon! Visit daily (and I mean daily) and do them yourself, with your friends...Anything!

Monday, September 10, 2007

You might be wondering where you can find the clues; they're hidden benath the site; in comments, in posts...check EVERYWHERE and keep your eyes wide open!

Good luck!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's a mystery...

It's our first mystery! You can participate by looking around the site and noticing things that weren't there before, or something mysterious. Clues are hidden everywhere around! Whoever wins gets a prize! (Only if they're lucky!) To win, (when you've found the answer) email it to my email:

(Hint: The answer is a household item)

Here is the first clue to the mystery:

Everyday I do something ordinary,
Everyone must have me,
But if I lose my important part,
You cannot really see.

Keep your eyes open for more clues!

"Ask Annabelle"

Need advice? Got advice? Just click the comment button below this post while you're signed into your Gmail account. If you do not have one, just email me at

Thnx! Bye!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I made a mistake!

On the contest, instead of 146 + 81 * 5

I would like to change it to 146 + 79 * 5...

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A New Month is Here!

It's a new month, and that means... MORE STUFF! I might be making a couple changes, now that it's the new month. And that also means new contests! (When I get responses from other people) Also, I might add a Quiz page, where new quizzes ar added alot.

Alos, I would like people to answer the polls and contests and stuff like that, becasue I want to see what you think. Thank you!



I have another contest! Whoever solves this math problem FIRST by sending to MY EMAIL will win the contest. (*= divided by)

152 - 6 + 81 * 5 + 7 x 8 * 4 = t

t = _____