Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Quiz

Find out if you are Annabelle's opposite by taking this quiz! Just answer the questions and see what you get at the end! (You might want to write down your answers!)

1. I always start the morning out with....
a. brushing my hair
b. streching
c. putting on clothes

2. My showers are usually...
a. 20-30 min.
b. 10-15 min.
c. 5-10 min.

3. I read...
a. once a week
b. 3-5 days a week
c. 5-7 days a week

4. My favorite color is ...
a. yellow
b. pink
c. green

5. After school I...
a. watch T.V.
b. eat a snack
c. do homework

6. My favorite food is...
a. ice cream
b. a burito
c. hawaiian haystacks

7. What is your favorite website?
a. annabelles world
b. webkinz
c. email

8. My favorite holiday is...
a. Valentine's Day
b. New Years
c. Christmas

You have completed the test. Please calculate your answers.

Mostly A's You are definitely Annabelle's opposite! Though eating ice cream all the time ould be bad for you. Also make sure to do homework before you have fun. But, if you're hungry, have a snack so you could have brain power. Oh, yah, CUT YOUR SHOWERS SHORT!
Mostly B's You are just barely like Annabelle. You could be her opposite, but you couldn't at the same time. Maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Mostly C's You are definitely not Annabelle's opposite. You are just like her! You like Christmas. You are a bookworm!

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