Monday, October 22, 2007

Chaper 2...

Here is the second chapter of my story.


Dez was shocked at the comment. She had nothing to say.
“Did I say it wrong?” Mrs. Stevens asked. Dez couldn’t say anything. Her eyes welling up with tears, but she held them in.
“Get out. Now…GET OUT!” Dez screamed through gritted teeth. Her mother was struck and raced out the door, slamming it behind her.
How could Dez live? Wait, she couldn’t live. She’d see Geinna, and Jessica, the traitors. If she had to, she’d skip all the other three years of high school and help keep her dad in health. She wanted to be a doctor, anyways! Or she could go live in Germany with Abby! At least she’d be happy then. As long as she didn’t have to go to that agonizing jail again. Memories will haunt her mind, and she’d be bullied by all of the seniors. She couldn’t go. She just couldn’t. Dez buried her face in her feather pillow and cried for what seemed like days.
She was startled with a beep. “Abby…” She mumbled to herself, got up, and sat at the computer. She clicked on the BigAbs167 icon and typed:

DezzyBear108: hey abz, how are u?

BigAbs167: apparently, not so good. u?

DezzyBear108: definite not so good. guess wut

BigAbs167: wut

DezzyBear108: im going back 2 school again

BigAbs167: ☹ o no! now wut r u going 2 do


BigAbs167: signed off at 6:07 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15th, 2007.

“Dez? Your father and I are going out for dinner! The twins are at a sleepover, so you’re home alone, okay? Emergency numbers are on the fridge, salmon is in the freezer, Mrs. Roth, our next-door neighbor, said you’re welcome to stay at her place. And can you clean the house? It’s just a little…untidy. We’ll be back around ten-ish, okay? Bye, honey! …………Your dad wants you to come and say good bye!” Her mother called.
Eyes still a little puffy from her previous crying stock, she slowly slumped down the stairs. She hugged her parents, and clambered up to her room, to read her book, The Tales of Justine Couldaldi. She opened it up.
Edward Stolie is the best writer ever! Dez thought to herself. She turned to the page that she had dog-eared the last time she read: yesterday, to page 89. But she couldn’t focus reading the first line: Justine crawled, danced, and swayed for the goblin, named Heirlosophent, (she figured out his name in a picture) hoping to be released from his tightening clutch.
She decided it was useless: She went over to the computer and waited for Abby to sign on. Finally, after ten minutes of waiting, some one signed on. It wasn’t someone she knew, but yet, the username was AmIYourFriend101. She clicked on it. A conversation popped up.

AmIYourFriend101: Hi. What is your name?

DezzyBear108: do I no u?

AmIYourFriend101: You know me, but yet, you don’t. Your dreams have told you, but you can’t seem to tag along. What you really need is me. You must trust. Trust is something that you must trust. Believe. Don’t leave. Come on. This is the end. Wait for it to come. Or should I say, “Wait for him to come.”

Dez stepped away from the computer. AmIYourFriend101 started sending other things.

AmIYourFriend101: Excuse me, when I say something, I like being answered. By the way, where are you right now?

AmIYourFriend101: Why aren’t you answering?

Dez had already sped down stairs to the phone. She grabbed it, but some one was on the other phone in the house. She gulped. This had never happened before. She slowly and quietly unlocked the front door and ran outside to Mrs. Roth’s house.
Once she had shut the door she ran along the pavement. And that was when she saw it: The red-hot, shiny convertible parked on the side of the driveway. She ignored it and ran until her legs cramped up. Then, she noticed that she had already passed Mrs. Roth’s house.
Dez retraced her steps. She was back in her driveway. The red car was gone. She ran into Mrs. Roth’s driveway, shot up the steps, and pounded on the door. Drips of sweat trickled down her red cheeks.
“Dezzy! Hello! I didn’t expect you to come, I thought you were responsible enough…Well, come in, come in!” Mrs. Roth invited her in.
“I know this was very unexpected,” Dez said as she sat down on Mrs. Roth’s cushiony chair, “but I have something to tell you.”
“Um, sorry. Can I interrupt? Do you want a drink? You look exhausted. Cream and sugar? Hot lemonade with honey? Hot cocoa…what do you want?” Mrs. Roth offered.
“Um…I’ll take some milk with ice and honey.” Dez replied.
There was silence in the house. Dez forgot to speak. She continued on with her story. “So, I was on AOL, and a message popped up. I clicked on it. And someone was saying, “Where are you? What is your name, all that stuff. So, I crept down the stairs to call my mom on the phone. But someone was on the other phone in the house. I ran out the front door as soon as I could. When I got outside, a car was parked in my driveway. So I just came here. Now, I’m out of breath.”
“Oh, honey, I am so sorry. Here’s your drink. I never knew this could happen!” There was a long silence. Until, after 5 minutes or so, a crash came from the front room. Dez gasped and looked at Mrs. Roth. She was on the floor, apparently she had fainted. Dez started choking up. Her eyes filled with tears. Footsteps were headed this way. This is it. It’s the end, she thought to herself. A face appeared out of the shadows. Dez screamed and ran as fast as she could.

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Dallas Graham said...

Wow... I'm the imposter... Where did you come up w/ hot honey and lemonade and milk? Did you drink that once upon a dream. Totally having a good time with your story! Can you work my name into it somewhere... ? Huh? Even if its her pet crow...?

BasketballBlondie said...

Pet crow? What are you talking about???????