Thursday, August 16, 2007

Party Page: Girls

Beach (Sleepover) Party!!

Invitations: Get a plastic bag. Put a 1-inch line of cinnamon on the bottom. Then put a piece of paper inside the bag explaining the party so they can see the invitation.

When everybody is arriving: Play volleyball in the back yard
After everyone arrives: Make fruity lemonade and put tiny umbrellas in the drink
Ha: Lay a blanket down. Have everyone's head on someone else's stomach. One person starts off by saying "ha" one time. The next says "ha" twice, etc.
Shell Collector: Before the party, you hide shells around the house. In 'Shell Collector', Everyone tries to find shells hidden around the house. The person with the most wins.
Fort: Use blankets and chairs to make a "Beach Hangout". Lay towels on the ground for people to sit on. Eat some food: Crackers, sub sandwiches, or any other beachy foods.
Pesky Little Seagulls: Everyone runs around with toy food, except two girls: the 'sea gulls'. The have beaks (orange paper cups with strings attached) on their head.The 'sea gulls' try and tag people. Once tagged, their food is taken away and they sit down. The last person standing wins and is one of the next seagulls.
When you go To Bed: Play some regular games and watch a movie.
When you wake up: Have choc. chip pancakes
While waiting for parents: Play some other fun games

Back To School Party

1. Everybody is arriving, and they are all having "recess" (Lay a jumprope, a basketball, and other outdoor game stuff in the driveway/front yard) in the front yard.
2. After 15 minutes, the bell rings. (Parent comes out and rings the bell) Everybody has to get the family room and sits downbefore it stops ringing. Whoever doesn't gets a "time out" for 5 minutes. (A place where you can play board games or others)
3. Teacher Dress-up: Get some dress-up clothes and dress up as teachers. Have "the best teacher imitation" award.
4. "Lunch"
6. "Recess"
7. Teach the guests the following song: (sung to tune of "Down by the bay")
I went to school (echo)
It was not cool (echo)
It had no pool (echo)
My teacher drools! (echo)
For if I don't (echo)
My teacher will say (echo)
"You better do your work,
Or your brain will start to lurch,"
I went to school.

I couldn't bear (echo)
My teacher's hair (echo)
I didn't share (echo)
My toys o'er there. (echo)
For if I don't (echo)
My brain will say (echo)
You should really quit school,
You know its not cool,
I couldn't bear.

8. Play regular games while waiting for parents


Pink collage--
Supplies: Pink Paper, pink buttons, pink beads, pink ribbons.

How-to: Take pink paper, then glue on all the extras. Let dry 10-15 min.

Play many board games, then watch a movie with pop corn. <-- This is a party idea

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